SolNames price will be doubled by the 1st of July. For more updates, please join our Telegram group. Click here to join Telegram.
SolNames price will be doubled by the 1st of July . For more updates, please join our Telegram group. Click here to join Telegram.

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Solana Name Service

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MultiversX Name Service

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Fantom Name Service

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Avalanche Name Service

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Zero Worries About Getting the Wallet Address Wrong.

Send and receive assets on the Blockchian Network without having to worry about copy-pasting the wrong address.


Replacing lenghty hexadecimal wallet addresses with human-readable ones makes it easier to remember.

Immutable names are handled by smart contracts on the Blockchain and give holders unrestricted access to domain ownership.

NFT Support exist as NFTs on the Blockchain Network. This affords domain holders the proof/transfer of ownership on the Blockchain.

Decentralized is built on top of a permissionless blockchain system, solely owned and controlled by the Domain name owner.

Multiwallet Support

No more copying and pasting addresses. Use your name to store all of your addresses and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT. Coming soon.

Enhanced User Interaction

Enhance user interaction by using as a unified portal for social accounts of projects or users on web3. Owning a domain help others to recognize, remember, and find you easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bictory?
Bictory Domains is a team focused on Blockchain Name Service, working specifically with Solana. Our goal is to create domains that work smoothly together, offering more features and uses in the blockchain world. We're all about making domains easier to use and more practical, breaking old limits and embracing new ideas. With our focus on tech progress and making things user-friendly, we're changing how web3 domain services work.
What Bictory does?
WEB3 builders specialize in Blockchain Name Service with the aim of creating interoperable domains with enhanced use cases.
What are Bictory Domains?
Bictory Domains revolutionizes Web3 with its distributed, secure, and extensible naming system. It enables users to associate human-readable names with blockchain identities and resources. By replacing complex addresses with memorable names like "bictory.web3," it simplifies transactions while enhancing security. Ownership of domain names is verifiable on the blockchain, facilitating secure transfer and decentralized trading on secondary markets. Bictory Domains streamlines web navigation and enhances user experience without aiming to replace DNS. It offers hierarchical control, empowering domain owners to manage sub-domains effortlessly. Users can also link domains to social media accounts for identity verification and implement associated protocols.
What Bictory is building?
At present, the Bictory Foundation is actively developing the following projects: SolNames (Solana Name Service) is being exclusively crafted for applications within the Solana Ecosystem. xNames (MultiversX Name Service) is currently in the development phase. FtmNames (Fantom Name Service) is currently in the development phase. AvaxNames, (Avalanche Name Service) is currently in the development phase.
How can I buy Bictory Domains?
Explore and register your desired domain directly through If the domain you want is already taken, you have the option to reach out to the owner and negotiate a purchase. Bictory Domains offers registration at a fixed price determined by the length of characters in the domain name.
Where can I sell Bictory Domains?
It depends on the chain; if it's SolNames, you can purchase or sell them on Lampapuy NFT Marketplace (
How to set up a Purchased Domain as the Primary Address?
Once you purchase a Bictory Domains you can go to the account page and set it as the "primary address" to your wallet address.
Are there any annual fees for holding a Bictory Domains?
Yes, there are annual fees. These fees are essential for the Bictory Foundation to sustain its development efforts and continue enhancing the platform with more functionalities and use cases.
Can I transfer my domain to another wallet?
You can transfer your domain unlimited times to different addresses for a small gas fee.
What are the current use cases of Bictory Domains?
The primary use case is a cryptocurrency or NFT transacting on the blockchain. Instead of using your public keys, you can send/receive funds with your bictory domains. Bictory team will add new utilities constantly and improve functionalities. Please, Check the roadmap for launch dates and other details.
I've recently purchased a domain, but it doesn't appear in my wallet. How can I activate or set it up?
Upon purchasing a domain, it automatically associates with your wallet address and you can setup information on Bictory domains to utilize it for transactions and other functionalities available.