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Concordium Name Service

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MultiversX Name Service

Launch in June

Solana Name Service

Coming Soon

Fantom Name Service

Coming Soon

Avalanche Name Service

Coming Soon
Zero Worries About Getting the Wallet Address Wrong.

Send and receive assets on the Blockchian Network without having to worry about copy-pasting the wrong address.


Replacing lenghty hexadecimal wallet addresses with human-readable ones makes it easier to remember.

Immutable names are handled by smart contracts on the Blockchain and give holders unrestricted access to domain ownership.

NFT Support exist as NFTs on the Blockchain Network. This affords domain holders the proof/transfer of ownership on the Blockchain.

Decentralized is built on top of a permissionless blockchain system, solely owned and controlled by the Domain name owner.

Multiwallet Support

No more copying and pasting addresses. Use your name to store all of your addresses and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT. Coming soon.

Enhanced User Interaction

Enhance user interaction by using as a unified portal for social accounts of projects or users on web3. Owning a domain help others to recognize, remember, and find you easily.


Bictory roadmap is a dynamic guide that outlines our vision for the future and demonstrates our commitment to continuously enhance our products and services.



Launch of Bictory Exclusive NFT Marketplace

  • Listing Physical and Digital Sports and Esports NFTs
  • Q2.

    Launch of xName:

    .MVX, .nft, .art, meta, game, 420, 404, etc

  • Integrations
  • Top dapps on MultiverX Ecosystem
  • Crossmint - Payment getaway.
  • Q3.

    Launch of SolName:

    .Solana, .art, .nft, .music, .meta, .game, .defi, .404 etc.

    • List on (Bictory Exclusive NFT Marketplace)
  • Integrations
  • Crossmint - Payment getaway
  • Top dapps on Solana Ecosystem
  • Q4.

    Launch of FtmName:

    .Fantom, .art, .nft, .music, .meta, .game, .defi, .404 etc.

  • Integrations
  • Payment getaway
  • Fantom Ecosystem
  • Launch of AvaxName:

    .avalanche, .art, .nft, .music, .meta, .game, .defi, .404 etc.

  • Integrations
  • Moonpay - Payment getaway
  • Top dapps on Avalanche Ecosystem
  • 2024


    Launch Decentralized and Encrypted email service with Bictory.Domains


    Launch of DID (Decentralized Identification)

    More domain extensions (.com, .org, .edu, .io, .org, .govt, .edu, .net, .co, .id) to onboard organizations, government org, communities, and schools on the decentralized web3 movement.


    Adding Rent Feature of domain and sub-domain.


    Decentralized ticketing system with Decentralized ID:

    Utilizing a decentralized ticketing platform with decentralized ID, you can leverage your custom crypto domain to acquire tickets for various occasions, such as concerts, gatherings, reservations, and other events in the future.

    Introducing chat functionality.

    Digital Business Card Builder using .domain extensions. Build a decentralized website or online store with .domain extensions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Bictory?
    Bictory paves the way for the future of social identity and nft ownership with its Bictory Domains and Bictory NFT Marketplace products.
    What Bictory does?
    They are builders specializing in Blockchain Domains and Exclusive NFT marketplace across Blockchains. They aim to create interoperable Blockchain Domains with enhanced use cases.
    What are Bictory Domains?
    Bictory Domains is a distributed, secure, and extensible naming system for Web3, based on the L1 and L2 blockchains. Bictory Domains empowers users to map human-readable names to blockchain identities and resources such as Multiversx addresses and identities, IPFS hashes, texts, socials, web URLs and so much more. Rather than strings of long-difficult-to-remember addresses, the Bictory Domains offers a much more secure and straightforward method to transfer and receive value using memorizable names. That is to say, users can send crypto assets to “bictory.mvx” instead of “erd123xxy3vejda23dwa000…”—the L1 and L2 chains power bictory domains for Web3. Ownership of a domain name is provable on the blockchain and can be transferred, bought, or sold on a decentralized secondary market. This offers a secure and decentralized way to manage website domains. Bictory Domains aims to focus on the distribution and provision of names to aid users in navigating and surfing the Web faster and better. Bictory Domains is not designed to replace or compete with DNS; it seeks to make trade and exchange of crypto assets easier and avoid the cumbersome process of copying and pasting long public addresses with the risk of error while utilizing dapps. Similar to the Internet DNS, Bictory Domains will run on a hierarchical system, allowing domain name owners to take control of any sub-domains—for example, bictory.solana can create sub-domains like nft.bictory.solana or wallet.bictory.solana. The possibilities of Bictory Domains are endless; they could even pass for Non-fungible tokens since the registered Bictory Domains can be transferred and sold in a secondary market like any other NFT. Bictory Domains will also allow users to connect their domains to social media accounts as identification verifiers and set up protocols associated with their domains.
    What Bictory Team is building?
    Currently, Bictory Team is building the following:
    SolNames (Solana Name Service) is being developed exclusively with dapps on Solana Ecosystem.
    FtmNames (Fantom Name Service) is being developed exclusively with Fantom Foundation.
    AvaxNames (Avalanche Name Service) is being developed exclusively with Ava Labs.

    Please, see the roadmap for launch dates and other details.
    How can I buy Bictory Domains?
    You can search and register it directly on; if your desired domain is taken, you can contact the owner and offer to buy it. Bictory domains registration is set at a fixed price based on character length.
    Where can I sell Bictory Domains?
    It depends on the chain; if it's SolNames, you can purchase or sell them on Bictory NFT Marketplace ( If you have other Blockchain Domains, then you can find them in other NFT marketplaces.
    How to set up a Purchased Domain as the Primary Address?
    Once you purchase a bictory domains you can go to the account page and set it as the "primary address" to your wallet address.
    Are there any annual fees for holding a Bictory Domains?
    Yes, there are annual fees. Bictory Team needs a source of income to keep developing and adding more functionalities and use cases.
    Can I transfer my domain to another wallet?
    You can transfer your domain unlimited times to different addresses for a small gas fee.
    What are the current use cases of Bictory Domains?
    The primary use case is a cryptocurrency or NFT transacting on the blockchain. Instead of using your public keys, you can send/receive funds with your bictory domains. Bictory team will add new utilities constantly and improve functionalities. Please, Check the roadmap for launch dates and other details.

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